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Figure 1

From: Proposal for field sampling of plants and processing in the lab for environmental metabolic fingerprinting

Figure 1

Effects of pre-treatment on metabolite pattern. Influence of sample pre-treatment on metabolic fingerprints of Plantago lanceolata. Biplot of loadings and scores of principal component analysis of peaks achieved with HPLC of leaf samples extracted in 100% methanol. For clarity some peaks are omitted. F = processing of fresh plant material, N = material frozen in liquid nitrogen, L = material frozen and lyophilised and A = air-dried samples. Number of replicates N = 5; air-dried samples N = 3. Freshly processed leaves show low scattering on first and second principal axis (PC 1 and PC 2), which explain most of the variances (31 and 26%, respectively) within the data set. Low scattering indicates high reproducibility. For statistical comparisons see Table 1.

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