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Figure 7

From: A rapid and robust assay for detection of S-phase cell cycle progression in plant cells and tissues by using ethynyl deoxyuridine

Figure 7

The effect of EdU concentration and incubation time on rice root tip EdU assay. EdU assay on rice (O. sativa L. ssp. japonica 'Nipponbare') root tips were shown for the indicated EdU concentrations and incubation durations. Control root tips (0 μM) were treated with 0.1% DMSO (vehicle) and incubated with Alexa488-containing assay cocktail to assess the level of nonspecific background and tissue autofluorescence in green channel. Cell wall autofluorescence (red pseudocolor) and transmission images were overlaid onto green EdU-Alexa Fluor 488 signal. Average green signal intensities (intensity/μm2) of the meristem regions were shown at the lower right corners. Higher detector sensitivity was used for green channel detection as compared to Figure 6B. Scalebar: 150 μm.

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