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Figure 2

From: A rapid and robust assay for detection of S-phase cell cycle progression in plant cells and tissues by using ethynyl deoxyuridine

Figure 2

EdU-based replication assay on 2d-old monocot and dicot plant cultures. EdU (10 μM, 2 h) incorporated cells were detected with click reaction using Alexa Fluor 488 azide (green panel). DNA is counterstained with DAPI (red). Transmission images (DIC) were overlaid onto fluorescence images at the last panel. (A) Alfalfa (M. sativa ssp. varia A2), (B) Arabidopsis (A. thaliana ecotype Columbia), (C) Grape (V. berlandieri × V. rupestris cv. 'Richter 110'), (D) Maize (Z. mays, cv. H1233), (E) Rice (O. sativa ssp. japonica cv. 'Unggi 9'), (F) Tobacco (N. tabacum cv. Petit Havana SR1). Arrows in green panel indicate spotty labeled early S-phase cells. Arrowheads in red panel show cells in mitosis. Scalebar: 10 μm.

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