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Figure 5

From: SSHscreen and SSHdb, generic software for microarray based gene discovery: application to the stress response in cowpea

Figure 5

Regulation (a) and relative abundance (b) of selected cowpea genes (qPCR verification). (a) Confirmation of differential expression in drought-stressed tolerant cowpea (IT96D-602) versus control susceptible cowpea (Tvu7778) observed in microarray studies. The expression ratios for each gene in the microarray experiment are indicated by blue bars and qPCR on cDNA by red bars. RT-qPCR using total RNA isolated from leaves after 9 and 12 days of stress treatment are indicated in yellow and green bars, respectively. (b) Confirmation that transcripts of selected genes had low abundance (i.e. rare) before subtraction. The log2 ratios before and after SSH are presented. Negative log2 ratios indicate that cDNAs have greater signals in subtracted samples compared to unsubtracted samples, indicating that they were rare before subtraction and have been enriched by the SSH process. Results from the microarray experiment are indicated by blue bars and the qPCR results by red bars. (Error bars = standard deviation of replicate qPCR experiments)

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