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Figure 4

From: SSHscreen and SSHdb, generic software for microarray based gene discovery: application to the stress response in cowpea

Figure 4

ER3 versus inverse ER2 plot for sequenced clones to illustrate that redundant partners cluster together. The ER-values of clones from the eight largest redundant partner groups in the library were plotted. Clones from the same redundant partner groups clustered together. Groups are colour coded and labelled as follows: glutathione S-transferase GST (mauve), pathogenesis related protein 1a (PR1; blue), Thaumatin (THAU; red), miraculin (MIR; yellow), 26S rRNA (26S; blue), light harvesting complex PSII) (LHC; orange), lipid transfer protein (LTP; purple), chlorophyll a/b-binding protein (CHL < 90 bp; green) (CHL > 170 bp; dark green).

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