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Figure 3

From: SSHscreen and SSHdb, generic software for microarray based gene discovery: application to the stress response in cowpea

Figure 3

Schematic representation of SSHdb. Top tables from SSHscreen, as well as available FASTA sequences for individual clones can be uploaded to SSHdb. For each input FASTA sequence, BLAST searches against the local database are performed in order to identify redundant partners in the library. For each redundant partner group, a representative clone is selected and BLAST searches against the NCBI non-redundant (nr) and nucleotide (nt) databases are performed in order to annotate each group with putative functions. Output from SSHdb includes annotated top tables, annotated GAL files and annotated FASTA files. The user can also export a tab-delimited file of the annotated sequence database, containing all available information about each sequenced clone in the library.

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