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Table 4 Silencing of Magnesium chelatase (su): Bleaching response in treated tomato plants by trial.

From: Development of a gene silencing DNA vector derived from a broad host range geminivirus

Experiment Plants silenced after treatment
(silenced/infiltrated plants)
  pWSRiA:CAT pWSRiA:su
1 0/1 1/1
2 0/5 4/4
3 0/6 5/6
4 0/4 2/4
  1. Tomato plants were agroinfiltrated with either pWSRiA:CAT (negative control) or with pWSRiA:ChlI to silence the sulfur allele of magnesium chelatase. Plants were scored for leaf bleaching indicative of silencing beginning 3 weeks post-infiltration.