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Figure 3

From: Development of a gene silencing DNA vector derived from a broad host range geminivirus

Figure 3

A sample of flower morphologies found on plants bombarded with pWSRi:SpPI or pWSRi:SpAP3 display modified organ development. a. Normal male flower within a male inflorescence from a wildtype plant. The flower is made up of four sepals that cup four stamens developing opposite to them (one pair marked with arrows). No petals or carpels are present or initiated in wild type male flowers. b. Phenotypically normal female flower among a cluster of male flowers on a plant treated with pWSRi:SpPI. The flower consists of two large sepals (arrow) that envelop the single carpel gynoecium. Stigmas (arrow) extend out from between the sepals. c. Single flower with a pistil developing across from a stamen. The flower is found in a cluster of normal male flowers on a plant treated with pWSRi:SpAP3. d. A flower with an exposed swollen ovary (no enclosing sepals) and with shriveled stigma on a pWSRi:SpPI treated plant. The size of the ovary and stigma are consistent with development post-fertilization. Two filaments with dehisced anthers from the same flower can be seen going back into the picture. St: stamen; Se: sepal; S: stigma; O: ovary, An: Anther.

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