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Figure 2

From: Development of a gene silencing DNA vector derived from a broad host range geminivirus

Figure 2

Silencing phenotypes obtained with pWSRi:rbcS and pWSRi:trnktls display bleached leaves. (a) Leaves from spinach plants treated with pWSRi vector (left) or pWSRi:rbcS (right). (b) Individual leaves from plants treated with pWSRi vector (left) or pWSRi:trnktls (right). The pWSRi:rbcS-treated leaf is yellow-white, whereas pWSRi:trnktls-treated leaf is yellow with residual green color often evident in the veins. (c) Photograph of pWSRi:rbcS treated-plant showing progressive bleaching of the leaves from the petiole, spreading into the blade and distally along the midrib.

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