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Table 2 DAWGPAWS scripts for conversion of annotation results from native program output to GFF.

From: The DAWGPAWS pipeline for the annotation of genes and transposable elements in plant genomes

Annotation Program Result Type DAWGPAWS Script
FGENESH [50, 51] Gene ab initio
GeneMark.hmm [43] Gene ab initio
Find_LTR [45] TE ab initio
LTR_FINDER [21] TE ab initio
LTR_seq [46] TE ab initio
LTR_STRUC [20] TE ab initio
RepSeek [52] TE ab initio
NCBI-BLAST [49] TE and gene homology
RepeatMasker [22] TE homology
TEnest [24] TE homology