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Table 1 Recombinant binary plasmids used in this study

From: The FAST technique: a simplified Agrobacterium-based transformation method for transient gene expression analysis in seedlings of Arabidopsis and other plant species

Binary plasmid Host vector Resistance Promoter ORF Reference
pPZP-hRLuc pPZP222 Spectinomycin d35Sa hRLuc [23]
pVKH-NLS-YFP-GUS pVKH18 Kanamycin d35S NLS-YFP-GUS This study
px-cb pFGC19 Kanamycin d35S Peroxisome-CFP [25]
mt-yb pFGC19 Kanamycin d35S Mitochondria-YFP [25]
pFGC-YFP-1CCGT pFGC19 Kanamycin d35S YFP-MYA1CCGT [27]
pFGC-YFP-FABD2 pFGC19 Kanamycin d35S YFP-FABD2 This study
pVKH-YFP-At3g51660 pVKH18 Kanamycin d35S YFP-AT3g51660 This study
pVKH-At1g01170-YFP pVKH18 Kanamycin d35S At1g01170-YFP This study
pPZP-At2g47840-YFP pPZP222 Spectinomycin d35S At2g47840-YFP This study
pt-cb pFGC19 Kanamycin d35S Plastid-CFP [25]
ER-yk pBIN20 Kanamycin d35S ER-YFP [25]
ER-ck pBIN20 Kanamycin d35S ER-CFP [25]
G-yk pBIN20 Kanamycin d35S Golgi-YFP [25]
G-ck pBIN20 Kanamycin d35S Golgi-CFP [25]
mt-ck pBIN20 Kanamycin d35S Mitochondria-CFP [25]
px-ck pBIN20 Kanamycin d35S Peroxisome-YFP [25]
pt-yk pBIN20 Kanamycin d35S Plastid-YFP [25]
pVKH-YFP pVKH18 Kanamycin d35S YFP This study
pPZP-Cer pPZP222 Spectinomycin d35S Cerulean This study
pVKH-YFP-Cer pVKH18 Kanamycin d35S YFP-Cerulean This study
pBIN-YFP-HY5 pBIN20 Kanamycin d35S YFP-HY5 [23]
pPZP-Cer-HY5 pPZP222 Spectinomycin d35S Cerulean-HY5 This study
pVKH-YN-HY5 pVKH18 Kanamycin d35S YN-HY5 This study
pPZP-YC-HY5 pPZP222 Spectinomycin d35S YC-HY5 This study
pVKH-YFP-MYA1 pVKH18 Kanamycin MYA1pro b YFP-MYA1 This study
pVKH-GUS pVKH18 Kanamycin Ubi-1 c GUS This study
  1. a d35S, double cauliflower mosaic virus 35S promoter.
  2. b MYA1pro, MYA1 native promoter.
  3. c Ubi-1, maize ubiquitin 1 promoter.
  4. Note that 4 types of binary vectors with diverse genes have been tested.