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Figure 4

From: The FAST technique: a simplified Agrobacterium-based transformation method for transient gene expression analysis in seedlings of Arabidopsis and other plant species

Figure 4

The FAST assay in 96-well plate. A, In a 4 × 4 grid of a 96-well plate, 2–3 Arabidopsis seedlings per well were soaked in 100 μL cocultivation medium containing 0.005% Silwet L-77 and bacteria of OD600 = 0.5. B-Q, Observation of protein expression after 40 hr cocultivation. B, ER-YFP; C, ER-CFP; D, Golgi-YFP; E, Golgi-CFP; F, Mitochondria-YFP; G, Mitochondria-CFP; H, Peroxisome-YFP; I, Peroxisome-CFP; J, Plastid-YFP; K, Plastid-CFP; L, YFP-HY5 labeling nucleus; M, Cerulean-HY5 labeling nucleus; N, YFP-At3g51660 labeling peroxisomes; O, At1g01170-YFP labeling mitochondria; P, At2g47840-YFP labeling plastids; Q, YFP-FABD2 labeling actin filaments. B-Q, Scale bar = 20 μm.

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