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Table 2 Tests of functionality of the newly generated constructs.

From: A modified Gateway cloning strategy for overexpressing tagged proteins in plants

REal – derived pENTR constructs SSR – derived pDEST construct Expression in N. benthamiana Expression in Arabidopsis
pE2n-H2A pH2n-H2A Yes Yes
pE2c-H2A pH2c-H2A Yes Yes
pE2n-H2B pH2n-H2B Yes Yes
pE2c-H2B pH2c-H2B Yes Yes
pE1c-H2B pB1c-H2B NT Yes
pE2n-UBI pH-2n-UBI Yes Yes
pE6n-UBI pB6n-UBI NT Yes
pE5n-UBI pH5n-UBI NT Yes
pE1n-UBI pB1n-UBI NT Yes
pE3n-DET1 pK3n-DET1 Yes NT
pE6n-DET1 pB6n-DET1 NT No
pE6n-DET1 pM6n-DET1 NT Yes
pE1n-DET1 pB1n-DET1 Yes No
pE2n-DDB1 pH2n-DDB1 Yes NT
pE3n-DDB1 pK3n-DDB1 Yes NT
pE2c-DDB1 pH2c-DDB1 Yes NT
pE3c-DDB1 pK3c-DDB1 Yes NT
  1. Table shows constructs made and their functionality by expression analysis in N. benthamiana and in transgenic Arabidopsis plants. Protein extracts from transiently transformed tobacco leaves or from Arabidopsis homozygous lines were analysed by western blotting using the appropriate antibodies. Yes, expressed. No, not expressed. NT, not tested. pH, pH2GW7. pK, pK2GW7. pB, pB2GW7. pM, pMDC7.