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Table 1 Multi-color BiFC Vectors

From: Vectors for multi-color bimolecular fluorescence complementation to investigate protein-protein interactions in living plant cells

Gelvin lab stock number Plasmid name Autofluorescent protein fragment Rare-cutting site flanking cassette Protein fusiona
E3228 pSAT1-nVenus-C nVenus AscI C-terminal
E3229 pSAT4-nVenus-C nVenus I-SceI C-terminal
E3230 pSAT6-nVenus-C nVenus PI-PspI C-terminal
E3308 pSAT1-nVenus-N nVenus AscI N-terminal
E3231 pSAT1A-nVenus-N nVenus AscI N-terminal
E3310 pSAT4-nVenus-N nVenus I-SceI N-terminal
E3232 pSAT4A-nVenus-N nVenus I-SceI N-terminal
E3233 pSAT6-nVenus-N nVenus PI-PspI N-terminal
E3449 pSAT1-cCFP-N cCFP AscI N-terminal
E3450 pSAT1A-cCFP-N cCFP AscI N-terminal
E3451 pSAT4-cCFP-N cCFP I-SceI N-terminal
E3347 pSAT4A-cCFP-N cCFP I-SceI N-terminal
E3497 pSAT6-cCFP-N cCFP PI-PspI N-terminal
E3307 pSAT1-nCerulean-N nCerulean AscI N-terminal
E3246 pSAT1A-nCerulean-N nCerulean AscI N-terminal
E3309 pSAT4-nCerulean-N nCerulean I-SceI N-terminal
E3247 pSAT4A-nCerulean-N nCerulean I-SceI N-terminal
E3248 pSAT6-nCerulean-N nCerulean PI-PspI N-terminal
E3242 pSAT1-cCFP-C cCFP AscI C-terminal
E3243 pSAT4-cCFP-C cCFP I-SceI C-terminal
E3244 pSAT6-cCFP-C cCFP PI-PspI C-terminal
E3415 pSAT1-nCerulean-C nCerulean AscI C-terminal
E3416 pSAT4-nCerulean-C nCerulean I-SceI C-terminal
E3417 pSAT6-nCerulean-C nCerulean PI-PspI C-terminal
E3519 ocs-bar-RCS2-2 (T-DNA binary vector) N/A Multiple rare-cutting sites N/A
  1. aN-vectors indicate that the protein of interest in on the N-terminus and the autofluorescent protein fragment is on the C-terminus; C-vectors indicate that the protein of interest in on the C-terminus and the autofluorescent protein fragment is on the N-terminus.
  2. N/A, not applicable