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Table 1 Statistics of database version 2.1

From: A database of PCR primers for the chloroplast genomes of higher plants

condition number of database entries*
total number of entries 719
anchored in Nicotiana tabacum 693
anchored in Atropa belladonna 647
anchored in Spinacia oleracea 534
anchored in Arabidopsis thaliana 535
anchored in Populus trichocarpa 540
anchored in Eucalyptus globulus 595
anchored in Medicago trunculata 495
anchored in Oenothera elata 534
anchored in Zea mays 512
anchored in Oryza sativa 488
anchored in Acorus 543
anchored in Pinus thunbergii 351
anchored in Marchantia polymorpha 263
present in all 13 chloroplast genomes 138
present in Nicotiana and Atropa 646
present in Nicotiana, Atropa and Spinacia 523
present in Arabidopsis, Populus and Eucalyptus 465
present in all dicots 336
present in monocots 397
present in all 13 but Pinus and Marchantia 60
present in all 13 but Marchantia 52
within trn genes 132
within photosystem genes (psa, psb) 94
within ribosomal proteins and RNA polymerase (rpl, rps, rpo) 120
within ATPase genes (atp) 33
within ycf genes 46
within rbcL 38
within NADH-specific dehydrogenase (ndh) genes 23
  1. * Summary results of BLASTALL homology searches (e-value above 0.5) are shown.