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Table 4 High copy number gene families detected in the MTP with EST probes. When an EST hybridize to a BAC clone on the MTP membrane, it is considered as positive for that EST.

From: Development of a pooled probe method for locating small gene families in a physical map of soybean using stress related paralogues and a BAC minimum tile path

GenBank accession Homology to the known genes No. of BACs + ve for EST EST source
AI437902 Threonine synthase 7 Gm
AI442296 Calmodulin like protein 7 Gm
AI441021 Calcium dependent protein kinase 8 Gm
AI460618 Calmodulin-stimulated calcium ATPase 8 Gm
BI273655 Ascorbate peroxidase type 1 8 Fi
BI273688 Ascorbate peroxidase type 2 8 Fi
BI347330 Putative elongation factor 1B alpha-subunit 9 Fi
BI273660 EST 9 Fi
CF675620 5.8S, 18S and 25S ribosomal RNA 10 Fi
BI119568 EST 10 Fi
BI119558 Putative water channel protein 10 Fi
AI440721 MAP kinase kinase alpha protein kinase 10 Gm
AI460671 Kinesin like protein A 13 Gm
AI441809 β-galactosidase. 13 Gm
BI119573 Ascorbate peroxidase type 3 13 Fi
BI273669 Lipoxygenase 15 Fi