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Table 1 pOy vectors

From: In planta transient expression as a system for genetic and biochemical analyses of chlorophyll biosynthesis

Vector Description Residue alterations Protein detected Phenotype
pOY-1 ZmChlI wild-type - yes none
pOY-2 ZmChlI-Oy1-N1989 ΔAT63 L176F yes chlorosis
pOY-3 ZmChlI-Oy1-N1989 derivative ΔAT63 yes none
pOY-4 ZmChlI-Oy1-N1989 derivative L176F yes chlorosis
pOY-5 ZmChlI-Oy1-N700 E243K yes chlorosis
pOY-10 SsChlI wild-type, N-terminal CTP fusion ZmCHLI(1–54)-SsCHLI yes chlorosis
pOY-11 SsChlI-L113F, N-terminal CTP fusion ZmCHLI(1–54)-SsCHLI-L113F yes chlorosis
pOY-12 SsChlI-L113F, no CTP fusion L113F no none