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Table 1 Plasmid constructs and siRNAs summary. A list of plasmid and siRNA size, description and origin.

From: A novel system for gene silencing using siRNAs in rice leaf and stem-derived protoplasts

Name Nucleic acid type Size (bp) Description Origin
pLUC Plasmid ~5500 Cauliflower mosaic virus (CaMV)35S promoter-luciferase GL2 [23]
p35S-GFP Plasmid ~4500 35S (CaMV)-EGFP [24]
pUbi-GFP Plasmid ~12000 smGFP in Ubiquitin (Ubi)-pCambia 1300 backbone This study
pGUS Plasmid ~4500 Ubi-GUS [22]
siLUC siRNA 21 siRNA targeting luciferase GL2 Qiagen, USA