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Figure 1

From: Evaluation of cell wall preparations for proteomics: a new procedure for purifying cell walls from Arabidopsis hypocotyls

Figure 1

Cell wall preparation from A. thaliana cell cultures. A – Schematic representation of the purification of cell walls from A. thaliana cell suspension cultures, and of the different extracts obtained [8]. B – Number of proteins identified in each extract after separation by 2D-GE and MALDI-TOF MS analysis. After bioinformatic analysis, proteins were classified as outside (proteins containing a signal peptide and no other targeting sequences), having at least one trans-membrane domain and intracellular (predicted to be located in any intracellular compartment). Proteins for which predictions by different bioinformatic programs are in conflict are classified as "not clear". Twenty-four different proteins predicted to be secreted were identified in this study (see Additional file 1).

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