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Table 4 Zinnia haageana PDPs matching masses observed in the LC-MS profile

From: Next generation sequencing and de novo transcriptomics to study gene evolution

Peptide sequence Predicted mass (Da) Observed mass (Da) LC matches synthetic
GICFKDPFGSTLCAPY 858.88 858.86 Yes
cyclo-GICFKDPFGSTLCAPD 825.86 825.88 Yes
cyclo-GQCEILPWFPFPEACGPD 993.43 993.43 Yes
cyclo-GPCYSYQSCFPD 673.75 673.75 Yes
cyclo-GRPCYTLQSCFPD 733.81 733.83 Yes
cyclo-GLCTILPWPPYLEVCGLD 984.98 984.98 Yes
cyclo-GPCFPMGPWGPFCIPD 850.86 850.86 Yes
cyclo-GRGCFGFPPICFPD 746.83 746.83 ND
cyclo-SAACSHLPPGLREMCAAWSFD 1114.99 1114.97 ND
cyclo-SAACSHLQPVLREMCVARFD 1107.02 1107.01 ND
  1. The predicted mass is for the doubly charged [M+2] ion and assumes the Cys residues form a disulfide bond (oxidised). For cyclic peptides the monoisotopic mass is reduced by 18 Da. The observed masses from LC-MS experiments are calculated from the doubly charged [M+2] ions. Seven synthetic peptides were ordered, which allowed additional confirmation of the retention time of the mass during liquid chromatography (LC). The retention times for some masses were not confirmed using synthetic peptides (ND).