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Figure 5

From: Using monoclonal antibodies to label living root hairs: a novel tool for studying cell wall microarchitecture and dynamics in Arabidopsis

Figure 5

Live cell profiles of immunolabeled root hairs of cell wall mutant lines. A: A small root hair of the csld-2 line located approximately 2 mm from the root tip. Bar = 20 μm. B: LM15 labeling of the root hair identified in “A”. Note the absence of labeling (arrow). Bar = 20 μm. C: LM15 labeling of a small root hair (arrow) located just behind the root tip of the csld2 mutant. Bar = 12 μm. D: No root hairs were found in the csld3-2 mutant but the epidermis labeled with LM15 (arrow). Bar = 20 μm. E: DIC image of the root shown in “D”. Bar = 20 μm. F: The root hairs of the xxt1 mutant line (arrow). Bar = 30 μm. G: LM15 labeling of the root hairs (arrow) observed in “F”. Bar = 15 μm.

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