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Table 2 Various alkaline phosphatase (AP) substrates used with this in situ PCR protocol on different plant species and tissues

From: Protocol: a fast and simple in situ PCR method for localising gene expression in plant tissue

Plant species Tissue AP substrate
Arabidopsis thaliana Leaf BM Purple
Vector Blue
Arabidopsis thaliana Flower BM Purple
Cleome gynandra Leaf BM purple
Cleome hassleriana Leaf BM purple
Glycine max Root BM purple
Hordeum vulgare Leaf BM purple
Hordeum vulgare Epidermal peel BM Purple
Oryza sativa Leaf BM Purple
Vector Blue
Oryza sativa Root BM Purple
Solanum lycopersicum Leaf Vector Blue
Triticum aestivum Root BM Purple
Triticum durum Leaf Elf97
Triticum durum Root BM Purple
Vector Blue++
Vitis vinifera Root Vector Blue
Vitis vinifera Leaf BM Purple
Zea mays Leaf BM Purple
  1. Most AP substrates were used successfully for specific detection of the transcript in question, with some exceptions as indicated. ++indicates detection with significant background staining. Xindicates no detectable signal.