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Table 1 Summary of Corymbia and Coffea genomic DNA extractions and sequencing results from JGI and AGRF

From: Protocol: a simple method for extracting next-generation sequencing quality genomic DNA from recalcitrant plant species

Species Absorbance 260/280 nm Quantity of DNA submitted (μg) NGS quality control results Number of sequencing reads
Corymbia henryi 1.78 19.1 Pass (JGI) 206,959,160 (HiSeq)
Corymbia citriodora subsp. citriodora 1.81 4.4 Pass (JGI) 169,513,988 (HiSeq)
Corymbia citriodora subsp. variegata 1.82 5.5 Pass (JGI) 234,021,522 (HiSeq)
Corymbia torelliana 1.93 6.3 Pass (JGI) 213,411,194 (HiSeq)
Coffea brassii 1.91 1.5 Pass (AGRF) 145,197,482 (TruSeq)