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Table 1 Assignment of bands in the Raman spectra of cell wall polisaccharides based on the literature[3133]: C – cellulose; P- pectins; H – hemicelluloses

From: Imaging of polysaccharides in the tomato cell wall with Raman microspectroscopy

Raman wavenumber [cm-1] (literature) Assignment Origin
2952 ν(CH) P
2930 ν(CH) H
2897 ν(CH) C
1742 ν(C = O) ester P, H
1378 δ(HCC), δ(HCO), δ(HOC) C
1256 δ(CH), δ(COH) H
1121 ν(COC) glycosidic, symetric C
1098 ν(COC) glycosidic, assymetric C
971 ρ(CH2) C
854 (COC) skeletal mode of α-anomers P
817 ν(COH) ring P
478 ν(COC) glycosidic P
380 δ(CCC) ring C