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Table 1 Identified phosphorylation sites in seed proteins. Gene expression data were derived from a previous study [38].

From: Combining metal oxide affinity chromatography (MOAC) and selective mass spectrometry for robust identification of in vivo protein phosphorylation sites

Accession nr. Description Protein sequence coverage Site of phosphorylation (designated as "p") Seed specific expression
At5g52300.1 low-temperature-responsive 65 kD protein (LTI65)/desiccation-responsive protein 29B (RD29B) 65.8% (Mr 65971 Da) MKVTDEpSPDQKSR
At3g12960.1 expressed protein similar to seed maturation protein from [Glycine max] 93% (Mr 9464 Da) DIKDIKGTRTDDpSPR.- +
At1g01100.1 60S acidic ribosomal protein P1 (RPP1A) 81.2% (Mr 11162 Da) KKDEPAEEpSDGDLGFGLFD.- -
At2g27710.1 60S acidic ribosomal protein P2 (RPP2B) 87% (Mr 11444 Da) KEEKEEpSDDDMGFSLFE.- -
At5g40420.1 glycine-rich protein/oleosin 42.2% (Mr 21279 Da) HFQFQpSPYEGGR +
At1g07985.1 Expressed protein 46.5% (Mr 16461 Da) KLVDKVVGSSSPTNIHpSK  
At5g50600.1 short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase (SDR) family protein similar to sterol-binding dehydrogenase steroleosin from [Sesamum indicum] 61% (Mr 39087 Da) STLYPESIRTPEIKpSD.-
At1g29350.1 expressed protein 14.6% (Mr 90879 Da) SGpSTHFSSTDSGNFQGK No data
At4g25580.1 stress-responsive protein-related contains weak similarity to Low-temperature-induced 65 kDa protein 57.8 % (Mr 66520 Da) RGAPTLTPHNTPVSLLpSATEDVTR