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Figure 3

From: Blue-native PAGE in plants: a tool in analysis of protein-protein interactions

Figure 3

Differential gel electrophoresis (DIGE) stains, immuno-stains and in-gel activity stains of protein complexes separated by BN-PAGE. A) DIGE staining of mitochondrial protein complexes on BN-SDS gels. Proteins displayed in red are from an Arabidopsis mutant with a reduced abundance of complex I, green proteins are subunits of the wild-type sample. If mutant and wild-type proteins are present in the same amount, they are coloured yellow. This image was reproduced from Figure 8a in 25 with permission from Elsevier. B) Immunoblot of two lanes of a BN-gel and a Coomassie-colloidal stained reference lane (CC). Lane 1 has been probed with an antibody directed against respiratory complex I, lane two with an antibody against complex III. This image was reproduced from Figure 2 in [103] with permission from Blackwell Publishing. C) In-gel activity stains of Arabidopsis respiratory complexes I, II and IV. An unstained (US) and Coomassie colloidal (CC) stained gel lane are given as references. This image was reproduced from Figure 2 in [35] with permission from Elsevier. D) Complex IV activity stained BN/BN gel of the same sample.

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