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  1. Research

    A mobile NMR lab for leaf phenotyping in the field

    Low field NMR has been used to investigate water status in various plant tissues. In plants grown in controlled conditions, the method was shown to be able to monitor leaf development as it could detect slight...

    Maja Musse, Laurent Leport, Mireille Cambert, William Debrandt, Clément Sorin, Alain Bouchereau and François Mariette

    Plant Methods 2017 13:53

    Published on: 28 June 2017

  2. Research

    Non-invasive absolute measurement of leaf water content using terahertz quantum cascade lasers

    Plant water resource management is one of the main future challenges to fight recent climatic changes. The knowledge of the plant water content could be indispensable for water saving strategies. Terahertz spe...

    Lorenzo Baldacci, Mario Pagano, Luca Masini, Alessandra Toncelli, Giorgio Carelli, Paolo Storchi and Alessandro Tredicucci

    Plant Methods 2017 13:51

    Published on: 17 June 2017

  3. Methodology

    A multiplex PCR for rapid identification of Brassica species in the triangle of U

    Within the Brassicaceae, six species from the genus Brassica are widely cultivated throughout the world as oilseed, condiment, fodder or vegetable crops. The genetic relationships among the six Brassica species a...

    Joshua C. O. Koh, Denise M. Barbulescu, Sally Norton, Bob Redden, Phil A. Salisbury, Sukhjiwan Kaur, Noel Cogan and Anthony T. Slater

    Plant Methods 2017 13:49

    Published on: 15 June 2017

  4. Methodology

    Improved classification accuracy of powdery mildew infection levels of wine grapes by spatial-spectral analysis of hyperspectral images

    Hyperspectral imaging is an emerging means of assessing plant vitality, stress parameters, nutrition status, and diseases. Extraction of target values from the high-dimensional datasets either relies on pixel-...

    Uwe Knauer, Andrea Matros, Tijana Petrovic, Timothy Zanker, Eileen S. Scott and Udo Seiffert

    Plant Methods 2017 13:47

    Published on: 15 June 2017

  5. Methodology

    In vivo label-free mapping of the effect of a photosystem II inhibiting herbicide in plants using chlorophyll fluorescence lifetime

    In order to better understand and improve the mode of action of agrochemicals, it is useful to be able to visualize their uptake and distribution in vivo, non-invasively and, ideally, in the field. Here we exp...

    Elizabeth Noble, Sunil Kumar, Frederik G. Görlitz, Chris Stain, Chris Dunsby and Paul M. W. French

    Plant Methods 2017 13:48

    Published on: 15 June 2017

  6. Research

    Real-time monitoring of PtaHMGB activity in poplar transactivation assays

    Precise control of gene expression is essential to synchronize plant development with the environment. In perennial plants, transcriptional regulation remains poorly understood, mainly due to the long time req...

    José M. Ramos-Sánchez, Paolo M. Triozzi, Alicia Moreno-Cortés, Daniel Conde, Mariano Perales and Isabel Allona

    Plant Methods 2017 13:50

    Published on: 15 June 2017

  7. Methodology

    An efficient protocol for perennial ryegrass mesophyll protoplast isolation and transformation, and its application on interaction study between LpNOL and LpNYC1

    Perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) is an important temperate grass used for turf and forage purposes. With the increasing accumulation of genomic and transcriptomic data of perennial ryegrass, an efficient pr...

    Guohui Yu, Qiang Cheng, Zheni Xie, Bin Xu, Bingru Huang and Bingyu Zhao

    Plant Methods 2017 13:46

    Published on: 5 June 2017

  8. Research

    Developing transgenic wheat to encounter rusts and powdery mildew by overexpressing barley chi26 gene for fungal resistance

    The main aim of this study was to improve fungal resistance in bread wheat via transgenesis. Transgenic wheat plants harboring barley chitinase (chi26) gene, driven by maize ubi promoter, were obtained using biol...

    Hala F. Eissa, Sameh E. Hassanien, Ahmed M. Ramadan, Moustafa M. El-Shamy, Osama M. Saleh, Ahmed M. Shokry, Mohamed Abdelsattar, Yasser B. Morsy, Maher A. El-Maghraby, Hussien F. Alameldin, Sabah M. Hassan, Gamal H. Osman, Hesham T. Mahfouz, Gharib A. Gad El-Karim, Magdy A. Madkour and Ahmed Bahieldin

    Plant Methods 2017 13:41

    Published on: 22 May 2017

  9. Methodology

    A method to estimate plant density and plant spacing heterogeneity: application to wheat crops

    Plant density and its non-uniformity drive the competition among plants as well as with weeds. They need thus to be estimated with small uncertainties accuracy. An optimal sampling method is proposed to estima...

    Shouyang Liu, Fred Baret, Denis Allard, Xiuliang Jin, Bruno Andrieu, Philippe Burger, Matthieu Hemmerlé and Alexis Comar

    Plant Methods 2017 13:38

    Published on: 17 May 2017

  10. Methodology

    Building a multipurpose insertional mutant library for forward and reverse genetics in Chlamydomonas

    The unicellular green alga, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, is a classic model for studying flagella and biofuel. However, precise gene editing, such as Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISP...

    Xi Cheng, Gai Liu, Wenting Ke, Lijuan Zhao, Bo Lv, Xiaocui Ma, Nannan Xu, Xiaoling Xia, Xuan Deng, Chunlei Zheng and Kaiyao Huang

    Plant Methods 2017 13:36

    Published on: 15 May 2017

  11. Methodology

    Microscopy of Physcomitrella patens sperm cells

    Archegoniates (bryophytes, ferns and gymnosperms), such as the moss Physcomitrella patens, possess freely motile sperm cells (spermatozoids) which reach the egg cell via surface water. Although these motile flage...

    Nelly A. Horst and Ralf Reski

    Plant Methods 2017 13:33

    Published on: 10 May 2017

  12. Methodology

    Development of a new heat tolerance assay system for rice spikelet sterility

    Reduction in rice yield caused by high temperature-induced spikelet sterility has been a serious concern in rice production. To date, several screening methods have been used, although their reproducibility i...

    Makoto Hakata, Hiroshi Wada, Chisato Masumoto-Kubo, Ryo Tanaka, Hiroyuki Sato and Satoshi Morita

    Plant Methods 2017 13:34

    Published on: 10 May 2017

  13. Methodology

    In situ measurement of Scots pine needle PRI

    The Photochemical Reflectance Index (PRI) calculated from narrow-band spectral reflectance data is a vegetation index which is increasingly used as an indicator of photosynthetic activity. The leaf-level link ...

    Matti Mõttus, Rocío Hernández-Clemente, Viljami Perheentupa and Vincent Markiet

    Plant Methods 2017 13:35

    Published on: 10 May 2017

  14. Methodology

    A novel hairpin library-based approach to identify NBS–LRR genes required for effector-triggered hypersensitive response in Nicotiana benthamiana

    PTI and ETI are the two major defence mechanisms in plants. ETI is triggered by the detection of pathogen effectors, or their activity, in the plant cell and most of the time involves internal receptors known ...

    Cyril Brendolise, Mirco Montefiori, Romain Dinis, Nemo Peeters, Roy D. Storey and Erik H. Rikkerink

    Plant Methods 2017 13:32

    Published on: 28 April 2017

  15. Review

    Recent achievements obtained by chloroplast transformation

    Chloroplasts play a great role for sustained wellbeing of life on the planet. They have the power and raw materials that can be used as sophisticated biological factories. They are rich in energy as they have ...

    Muhamed Adem, Dereje Beyene and Tileye Feyissa

    Plant Methods 2017 13:30

    Published on: 19 April 2017

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